A Little Bit About Us

TriAcc Group Inc. is an industry-leading consulting firm offering our clients trusted and resourceful business solutions, we work to cover all aspects of your business.  While specializing in oil and gas, we also provide a full range of services to many other industries, creating a diverse client base.


TriAcc’s business structure was designed to fulfill and enhance your business in the following areas:

  • Financial and General Accounting
  • Production Accounting and Joint Venture Accounting Services
  • Measurement Services, Field and Office
  • Land Administration, Agreements, and Lease Management
  • Regulatory and EPAP
  • Consulting and Data Conversions
  • Emissions Accounting


TriAcc’s management team has a combined 100 plus years of experience, not only in business, accounting, and operations but has been through all the ebbs and flows of our fluctuating industry. Though starting in a down cycle, TriAcc’s contacts, experience, and foresight lend themselves to be valued support in preparing our clientele for periods of recovery and growth as the market changes. Engaging diverse and experienced personnel has also been one of the keys to the successes of TriAcc and we will continue to grow and mentor the next line of industry leaders.


“We pride ourselves in creating a sense of family in our company that transcends into your operations. We strive to be part of your culture, while maintaining our principles as consultants that continuously add value to your bottom line. We will create a Win-Win-Win solution for you, our customer, our associates, and TriAcc."


TriAcc operates on a straightforward, professional, innovative, and quality-focused approach. We are lifelong learners and know that we need to be ahead of the curve in learning new approaches to our business, to continuously add value to your assets.


At TriAcc we are accomplished in our fields, accountable to our clients and each other, and pride ourselves on our accuracy.